Unfortunately, the desire to save on security in the current environment is often accompanied by unpleasant consequences. For obvious reasons, almost every owner of a country house and even an apartment tries to organize a good security system. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the rating of the best CCTV cameras in 2019, which will help to monitor housing safety for 24 hours a day. 

The list contains models for indoor use and for the organization of video surveillance of sites. When buying such a technique, pay attention to the resource, picture quality, viewing angle and ease of use.

In this category are simpler models compared to street counterparts? The list contains analogue-type gadgets and IP cameras. It is important to know that the first category has not claimed leadership for a long time; representatives of the segment are gradually becoming obsolete. The second type of cameras is distinguished by compliance with leading standards, compatible with digital channel standards. The downside is that they are extra expensive than analogue models; they delay the signal more. However, they offer a clearer and better picture.


The budget analogue model STI CV800-IR replenishes the rating of CCTV cameras. Dome gadget is used for operation in small residential and commercial premises. In particular, in small shops, warehouses, apartments. It comes out of the box with a fixed zoom lens, which guarantees quick focus on a specific subject. As a result, users can get a high-quality picture even in low light conditions. At night, the model focuses automatically. IR illumination works with a range of up to 25 meters.

Xiaomi Dafang 1080P PTZ Smart Camera

We are talking about a rotary smart camera, which attracts with an affordable price and a fairly good picture. Despite the low cost, the gadget attracts a wide range of functions, which allows you to create really high-quality shooting inside any living room. A great solution if you need to control animals or children. The model can detect moving objects in a 360-degree field. In this case, the device can shoot in Full HD resolution. LEDs shine in the range of 940 nm. At the same time, the ability to save data on two media has been implemented. Another indisputable advantage is the low weight of the new product - only 250 grams.


In search of a good home video camera, many users have already turned their attention to the EZVIZ Mini O model. With its help, every owner can monitor the room even away from home using the application. Just download it to your phone and log in using the QR code. This gadget is installed in any place where there is a metal surface. Easy mounting is made easy by a high-quality lens with a good viewing angle. There is a built-in microSD card slot for storing surround videos and photos. Installed high-quality speakers and a microphone. This will allow parents not only to hear what the nanny is talking about in their absence but also to reassure the child at a distance. Shooting resolution reaches Full HD.

Rubetek RV-3403

This model attracts with its high-strength housing, ease of operation and optimal price. The horizontal viewing angle reaches 54 degrees. The video resolution is 1280 by 720 pixels. However, users respond positively to the clarity and quality of the picture. However, the entire segment of Rubetek's technology is attracted by the presence of good CMOS matrices and IR illumination. It provides communication with a smartphone, motion detection and a light sensor. At the same time, a desktop CCTV camera attracts with its stylish design, the presence of expensive parts and small dimensions. If necessary, you can hide from prying eyes.

Ezviz CS-CV346-A0-7A3WFR

The best home security camera - model CS-CV346-A0-7A3WFR from Ezviz. Provides support for Wi-Fi, support for the fisheye, Triple HD Video. Based on user reviews, the metal case provides a long service life. Convenience in operation is achieved due to a good viewing angle of 360 degrees, several viewing modes and IR illumination up to 7.5 meters. As for the matrix and sensitivity, the indicators are at an altitude, which in fact determines the high price. In addition, a self-adjusting shutter, digital noise reduction is implemented.


Orient IP-57-SH32VP

The top of outdoor CCTV cameras opens with a cylindrical model Orient IP-57-SH32VP, positioned as a good budget solution for street surveillance. Resolution is 2048x1536 pixels, and the focal length of the lens is from 2.8 to 12 millimetres. The interests of the gadget include the presence of a high-quality varifocal lens, protection against moisture and dust. It is worth noting that the device has a stylish design, has a good build quality. Judging by the comments of customers, shooting at night does not live up to expectations, but during the day it performs its tasks perfectly.

Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I
This model is equipped with a 1/3 "matrix, it attracts by the presence of expensive parts and is easy to operate. A good IP-type outdoor surveillance camera provides for shooting resolution in Full HD format. However, even at 2688x1520 pixels the video recording speed is 20 frames per second. The developers equipped the model is a good 4 mm lens, the viewing angle reaches 83 degrees, the aperture is not the best - f / 2.0, but this is enough to get a clear image in the daytime. Leno. You can adjust the rotation, saturation and brightness of the picture. The package includes a mounting kit, a disc and simple instructions.

Nobelic NBLC-3330F-WSD Ivideon

For users planning to buy a professional outdoor camcorder, Nobelic has offered the reliable NBLC-3330F-WSD Ivideon model, whose warranty period is three years. This model is attracted by the support of the Ivideon cloud service. You can watch a video in any browser. In addition, the manufacturer has taken care of reliable information encryption. It is worth adding that the gadget's case is equipped with excellent protection from adverse conditions, meets the IP67 protection class. Already today, many use the model for retail, warehouses, offices and residential premises. It is impossible to find the error with the quality of the appearance of the model.


Definitely one of the best dome surveillance cameras is the DAHUA DH-IPC-HDW4830EMP-AS-0400B model, which provides support for 4K resolution. It works on the basis of a good 8MP Sony Exmor CMOS sensor with a size of 1 / 2.5 ". A high-quality fixed lens with 4 millimetres and efficient H.264 / MJPEG compression are noteworthy. In addition to the technical characteristics, the gadget attracts with high video transmission speed, up to 15 frames per second and IR range - up to 50 meters. There is a built-in microphone. At the same time, the model is not afraid of bad weather conditions: it withstands temperatures in the range from -40 to +60 degrees.


The best outdoor surveillance camera for 2019 is the RVi RVi-IPC33, which attracts an extensive range of applications: from the street to the premises. The IP camera is made of high-strength alloy, which provides its lightweight. Judging by the reviews, the model weighs even less than its plastic counterparts but has a more wear-resistant material. The advantages of the gadget include a varifocal lens, the focal length of which can vary in the range from 2.7 to 12 millimetres, IR correction and dual-axis positioning are provided. Without any problems, users can pick up an excellent view of the review. It is worth adding that the gadget is equipped with a progressive compression algorithm, which allows you to save resources of information transmission networks. The rotation of the picture can reach 90 degrees.


It would seem that for several years analogue cameras have lost their relevance, but are still in demand. Moreover, new standards are emerging for this segment of technology. What is this talking about? Of course, everything is not clear. Therefore, thinking about how to choose a surveillance camera, you can not rely only on key characteristics:
  • Matrix sensitivity;
  • Shooting resolution;
  • Lens quality.
In addition to those criteria, it is too necessary to focus on focus, the ability to change the speed of panning, tilt, depending on the magnification factor. This prevents small flickering parts from entering the frame with a strong zoom. In other words, video analytics is an important parameter. Today, even inexperienced operators come to the aid of models equipped with a compass and the function of distant display of a variety of data, including zone identifiers, magnification ratio, and others.

At the same time, if you are interested in high definition, you need to focus not only on the resolution but also on the technology of optical polishing of glass. It prevents picture distortion to a minimum.

Thus, there are a huge number of factors that influence the choice of such a technique: from the dimensions of the matrix to the dimensions of the case. It is also worth considering how many devices will be installed for the site, what options are needed for indoor installation. We offer to summarize:
  • Best Home Camera - Ezviz CS-CV346-A0-7A3WFR;
  • inexpensive model for the street - Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I;
  • for the street in price and quality - RVi RVi-IPC33.
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