TOP 8 Best Monowheels Spring in 2019

Monowheels - one of the categories of modern compact electric transport, which allows you to easily bypass some obstacles and get to their destinations despite traffic jams, as well as other curious situations related to public transport. And today we will consider some of the best models of monowheels among the actual ones.

The modern market for compact electric vehicles is constantly evolving in various directions, one of which is monowheels, capable of providing a safe and efficient way to travel over short distances, bypassing traffic jams and crowded public transport. The average speed of the monowheels is large enough so that the trip does not take forever, some of the fastest models today can reach speeds of about 45 km / h, and they are also quite capable of driving off-road.

Large wheels allow you to ride on any surface, whether it is gravel, sand or any other rough terrain. In some cases, you will probably even be able to climb stairs or ride on coarser soil. Some users also like to use monowheels for entertainment, since this is a rather interesting form of transport. In some ways, they even help you keep fit, unlike sitting travelling behind the wheel of a car. And today we bring to your attention some of the best models in this category of transport, relevant for the spring of 2019.

Ninebot One A1

And our rating list opens one of the most affordable models for today - the Ninebot One A1 monowheel. Despite its relatively low cost, this is quite a good representative of the type of electric transport that we are considering today, which will certainly please both the child and the much more adult user. Externally, this model looks pretty nice and definitely modern. Its overall dimensions are far from the largest, though here the weight is a little more than 10 kg. Yes, in general, the last indicator, in this case, is also more than acceptable, being at the lowest level among other representatives, but carrying it with you for a long time will not be a good idea, especially for a child.

Nevertheless, we have a completely reliable monowheel, withstanding a maximum load of up to 120 kg, and capable of speeds up to 24 km / h, which is both quite fast and quite safe. The diameter of the wheel is 36 cm, and the process of full charge will be about 2 hours, while the mileage on one charge is 15 km. In principle, at an average price of 21,800 rubles, this is a very interesting and worthy option.

KingSong KS14B

A more brutal state employee, at least in appearance, is the KingSong KS14B model. Indeed, the first impression that the design of this monowheel creates a feeling of increased reliability and build quality of this vehicle. Which, in fact, is quite true even despite the fact that the design (or rather the monowheel body) is made of plastic. Yes, due to this design, the total weight grows a little, in this case, up to 12 kg, but in general, this solution does not negatively affect the driving comfort or the ease of transportation. There were some compromises here. For example, the maximum load on transport should not exceed 100 kg, but the charging time takes only 1.5 hours.

And the maximum speed here is slightly higher, amounting to 25 km / h. True, the power reserve remains exactly the same - 15 km. And yet, among the additional features in addition to the LED-backlight, you can note the presence of Bluetooth and four speakers. Well, the price of this model at the moment is about 22,900 rubles on average.


If you want something brighter, say, a gift for a child, then you should pay attention to the HOVERBOT S-3BL monowheel, which also belongs to the category of medium-budget models offering a satisfactory combination of price and quality. In addition to an interesting colour palette, you can also find more thematic colouring books like US or UK flags, which can definitely emphasize your tastes. As is characteristic of a younger model, the maximum speed of this monowheel is only 18 km / h, which is more than safe. Moreover, the mileage on a single charge here reaches 25 km, which is pretty nice. And the time to fully charge you will need only an hour.

As for the weight, in this case, it is relatively minimum of 10 kg. Of course, the presence of built-in Bluetooth speakers is also provided, making it possible to ride to your favourite music. There is even a small IPX-5 moisture protection system that reliably protects vehicles in rainy weather. The average actual cost of this model is 24,000 rubles.

Gotway mcm5

For those who need a more “powerful”, but still relatively affordable model, we advise you to pay attention to the Gotway MCM5 monowheel, which provides a top speed of up to 30 km / h. By the way, the mileage on one charge here is also equal to 30 km, due to which in most cases you will have time to drive around enough and even get to work in a timely manner without pushing into the subway and spending time in traffic. The engine power of this model is 1500 watts, and it will take about 3 hours to fully charge it, which, in principle, is logical. True, due to greater power, the weight of the vehicle increases, which in this case is at around 15.5 kg.

The steps in the design of this model are located at the height of 12 cm, which should be quite convenient, and the wheel diameter is 355 mm, which is usual for most models. Despite the fact that outwardly this monowheel is not the most attractive, among the middle class, it may become the most optimal solution for you. Moreover, the price of the new product is now about 35,000 rubles.

KingSong KS14D

On the other hand, if you want not only powerful but also outwardly attractive electric vehicles, then you will surely like KingSong KS14D unicycle. Made in white and black, it looks very stylish, even for a vehicle. You will not find any special structural differences in this model unless you are pleased with the presence of a retractable handle, which allows you to conveniently and easily transport the unicycle with you when it is discharged or where riding is prohibited. And the total weight of 12.5 kg, although not the most minimal, will not be able to cause particular fatigue during such transportation.

Despite the fact that the engine power of this model is 800 W, which is not so much in comparison with other previous models, its maximum speed is about 28 km / h despite the fact that it travels up to 40 km on a single charge. Very good performance, which everyone will cost about 45,000 rubles.

Gotway mten3

The third place in our shortlist of the best monowheels was taken by a new product from one of the most active brands in this category today, namely the Gotway Mten3 model, which, in addition to satisfactory technical indicators, can also please with a pleasant compact design. By the way, the weight of this model is only 11 kg, which is pretty nice, considering the rest of the indicators. The latter means, of course, 800 W power and a maximum speed of 35 km / h. As for the mileage on one charge, it is about 50 km, despite the fact that it will take 5 hours to charge fully.

Nevertheless, such a small weight and overall compactness of the design did not come out of anywhere and largely depended on the diameter of the wheel, which in the case of this model is 254 mm. True, the fact that it is smaller than usual here does not cause any inconvenience. The average current cost of this new product is about 55,000 rubles.

Ninebot One Z6

The product of the brand already encountered above is also in second position, namely the Ninebot One Z6 monowheel, which differs from all previous offers primarily in wheel diameter. And no, it is not the smallest here, making transport the most compact and easy. In this case, the opposite is true, since the diameter is 457 mm, which affects not only the dimensions of the model but also the carrying capacity, allowing it to withstand a rider weighing up to 150 kg, while freely developing a speed of up to 35 km / h. In terms of mileage, then, as well as in the case with the previous option, this model can travel up to 50 km on a single charge.

And all this despite the fact that the engine power is 1200 watts. By the way, it takes 6 hours to charge the battery of this monowheel fully, but before that, you will definitely have time to roll or get to your destination. As for the cost, now it is about 75,000 rubles.

Gotway super x

The first place in our rating today went to the next novelty in the monowheel category, which at the moment can be rightly considered one of the best, and this is the Gotway Super X model. Despite the fact that the manufacturer had to resort to a number of compromises, they all combine very well, providing a fairly powerful electric transport. True, it is not the most compact, and with a wheel diameter of 457 mm, its weight is about 23.5 kg. So just like that, you don’t mean to swear at it, especially with you. But the speed he develops can reach a mark of 45 km / h. And these are still flowers in comparison with the fact that the mileage on one charge of this model reaches 135 km, which is just a colossal distance. At least for this category of transport.

True, there is a flip side to such indicators, which consists of a very long charging process, which takes about 13 hours. In terms of load, the structure will also withstand up to 150 kg. Well, the average price for all these features is now about 100,000 rubles.
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