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WorldWide Insurance Services, Inc. is proud to introduce our new website, Second Chance 
Health Insurance. Second Chance Health Insurance provides access to affordable, guaranteed 

acceptance, next day limited medical indemnity health insurance, discounted dental benefits, and FREE prescription drug discount cards.
As independent brokers, and specialists in health insurance since 1989, WorldWide is dedicated to delivering affordable medical, dental, and prescription coverage to the people of Arizona.
All of the products on this website include easy-to-apply, online applications. If you prefer, we can take your application by mail, by telephone, or in person. The choice is yours. All plans are available on a “stand-alone” basis, allowing you to choose only the coverage that you want and need.
So come on in and look around. We’ve tried to un-complicate health, dental, and prescription coverage and make them affordable and accessible to everyone.

f it’s time for you to shop for a new individual health insurance plan, there are many things to consider before committing to one plan or carrier. There are many carriers who offer a variety of plans in the state you reside in. Many plans are structured to fit into an individual’s lifestyle depending on their age, sex, and finances. There are other things to consider besides premiums and deductibles. Although they may make of the bulk of your medical expenses, there are many other things to consider. You should consider annual or daily caps on a specific type of service. Some plans may have a $30,000 annual cap on cancer services but that will not give you sufficient coverage if you need surgery. You should also consider the annual out of pocket expense when choosing a plan. Be sure that you can afford the maximum figure if in fact you do become ill.           You should also consider the hospitals and physicians that are in the plan’s network. If you prefer a specific doctor, then you may want to choose a plan or carrier which gives to access to your physician. It is also important to consider prescription drug coverage. Some plans will only cover generic drugs while others give you access to both generic and brand name. While these are important contributing factors, you must also consider an affordable monthly premium and deductible. Younger people who remain healthy will often choose a low premium with a high deductible because they rely on the fact that they will remain generally healthy in their young years. No matter what your financial situation is, you can receive quality assistance from a specialist at Health Plan One.
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