PS5 Launch Games: Confirmed Titles And Release Dates

PS5 Launch Games: Confirmed Titles And Release Dates
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Friday, October 30, 2020


Here are all the PS5 release games you can expect to play at or around the console's launch in November 2020.

For most people, a major part of the decision to buy a next-generation console is the lineup of launch games, and before the big PS5 games showcase event in September, the PlayStation 5's launch lineup was looking a bit lean. But now, we have more information on what first- and third-party PS5 games will be available when the console releases in just a few weeks, as well as a list of PS4-era games available on the console through the new PlayStation Plus collection, including BloodborneGod of War, and The Last of Us.

Below, we've rounded up the games that you'll be be able to play on the PS5 at launch. Some games are confirmed for launch day, while others aren't but seem likely--Dirt 5 is an Xbox Series X launch game, for instance, but it's also a multiplatform game, so it will probably appear on PS5 from on day one as well.

One of the latest games confirmed for PS5's launch day is Observer: System Redux, an expanded version of the original game with new content and graphical improvements. Another is the quirky Bugsnax, which made a splash with its debut trailer and catchy song. It will also be on PS4.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War isn't technically a launch game, but it releases just a few days after the PS5 is out and the next-gen version will almost certainly be released at the same time. With cross-gen support and cross-platform play, you'll be able to enjoy Black Ops Cold War with everyone else, regardless of the system they choose. You'll just get better visuals and more impressive loading times.

For many, the highlight of this launch line-up will be the remake of Demon's Souls, the first game in the now enormous Souls franchise. The original PS3 game was GameSpot's 2009 Game of the Year, and it's received an extraordinary visual upgrade for Sony's new console.