Download AnyDesk Remote Connector for PC and Mobile

Download AnyDesk Remote Connector for PC and Mobile
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Thursday, November 5, 2020

  AnyDesk Remote 

 Onisk software allows remote connection to the desktop screen of a computer and laptop, mobile phone, and tablet to each other onlineWith this technology, the user can control computers and other devices from one point and perform the necessary tasks regardless of the distance dimension.

No matter where you are in the office or halfway through the trip, you can make the connection and do your work easily and remotely.

The on-disk program is popular and has the most users in Iran due to its very small volume of program, connection suitable for any internet speed, connection with a few simple clicks, the possibility of connecting to several devices and many other features.

Features of Anydesk PC version:

  • Guarantee safe and reliable connections for IT professionals and people in use
  • Online collaboration as a network, whether as a conference or as a project
  • Ability to transfer internal file only with COPY & PASTE keys
  • Very small size only 3 MB and no special access required
  • Ability to customize Anydesk to your liking for user experience and branding to contacts
  • Ability to record active sessions for various purposes such as training
  • Adjust the structure of the business network for complete data control
  • Establish simultaneous connection to multiple devices
  • Automatically save running connections and past devices as desired image and name
  • Very simple, smooth and user-friendly interface
  • Can be used as a portable or installation
  • Compatible with most versions of Windows including XP 7 8 and 10