What to expect from the PC Gaming Show at E3

What to expect from the PC Gaming Show at E3
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Monday, June 7, 2021

What to expect from the PC Gaming Show at E3

After a turbulent 2020 dissipated June's typical pile of gaming occasions across the schedule, balance has been reestablished. 18 livestreamed occasions (and then some) will occur from June 9-15 as a component of a reunified E3, and the PC Gaming Show is flawlessly focused in it. 

Part of a monster day of programming that will likewise highlight Microsoft and Bethesda, Square Enix, Back 4 Blood, and our comrade show The Future Games Show, the PC Gaming Show will air Sunday, June 13 at 2:30 PM PST/5:30 PM EST. Watch the show live on,, or basically elsewhere. The current year's show will communicate on a record number of stages: Facebook, Twitter, Steam, TikTok, VENN, Reddit, Entertainment Weekly, and worldwide accomplices like WEBEDIA, Wechat, Bilibili, and AfreecaTV. Be that as it may, not on the Golf Channel. You won't discover us on the Golf Channel. 

Anticipate a more thought hour and a half occasion, a brilliant second centered just around PC gaming in the midst of the abundant movement of E3. What's more, into that span we've stuffed however many extraordinary trailers as could be allowed, an aggregate of 39 new recordings, game declarations, and meetings that will make up the current year's transmission. Here's a review of some of what you'll see:

We're also doing something a little unusual, if you didn't catch it from Day[9]'s short announcement video above: the PC Gaming Show will be taking place in outer space. Listen, when a StarCraft legend says "Hop in my spaceship," you don't say no. This will be by far the highest-end production we've produced, and it's one we've had a lot of fun pulling together.

Not unrelatedly, here are our sponsors for this year's show, without whom we couldn't broadcast an E3 event from orbit.

  • MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
  • Intel
  • All in! Games
  • EVE Online
  • Frontier
  • Frontier Foundry
  • Humble Games
  • Modus Games
  • Robot Entertainment
  • SEGA
  • tinyBuild