EA Canceled A Harry Potter MMO, Apparently

EA Canceled A Harry Potter MMO, Apparently
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Monday, December 27, 2021

EA Canceled A Harry Potter MMO

Electronic Arts almost made a Harry Potter MMO yet chose to drop the venture because of "changes" at the distributer and an absence of confidence in the Harry Potter brand staying famous, obviously.

This data comes from Kim Salzer, the previous head of item promoting at EA (2000-2003). During a new meeting with The Real Brandolorian, Salzer was approached to remark on dropped undertakings, and she referenced the Harry Potter game.

A major one for me, since I was so actually associated with it and it's such a colossal IP that has lived on, is an online greatly multiplayer game for Harry Potter," Salzer said (through Polygon).

The Harry Potter game would have utilize an "disconnected/on the web" model where players would be sent actual prizes to oblige their in-game accomplishments, evidently.

The game progressed to the beta transformative phase, Salzer said, yet EA at last reassessed. "EA was going through certain progressions around then, and they simply didn't have the foggiest idea, or adequately accept, that that IP would have a time span of usability longer than a little while," Salzer clarified.

EA was the previous privileges holder for the Harry Potter game permit and caused numerous To harry Potter games before the permit moved to Warner Bros., which presently makes Harry Potter games through its Portkey name. The following large Harry Potter game is 2022's Hogwarts Legacy, an open-world game set before the occasions of the movies.