Saints Row [2022] - Review

Saints Row [2022] - Review
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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

 Saints Row [2022] - Review

The Saints Row remake has here, and the days of the 'Third Street Saints' are over. I've been waiting for this game since its announcement since I'm a huge fan of the brand and have truly enjoyed every title they've released over the years. And, thanks to our friends at Express Games, we got the opportunity to play the game before it was released.

Saints Row is a title that can be perceived as a GTA-type title, but is vastly different. The new game isn't a spin-off of the past titles and is a complete reboot, hence new players shouldn't be worried prior before buying the title.

The franchise has forever been the world where you experience circumstances that you might have never contemplated in your wildest imaginations. Getting into the game you discover that a large number of the beloved aspects of the series are present in the new title with an entirely different world to cause chaos in. The new Saints comprises of the same trigger friendly boss that is prepared to shoot and kill whatever is breathing.

The new world is an invigorating change for the franchise as they have presented an environment that makes the game enjoyable. The environment has an essence from the past Saints title, however it has added significantly more opportunities and open doors for the player to practice their abilities as a homicide expert. You are likewise the boss of a criminal enterprise who is running several high roller business to keep the empire running.

Players shouldn't go into this title expecting realistic graphics or next gen gameplay, it is unrealistic in the best way possible. The game follows through on giving the fun component to the players and succeeds in assisting them with being immersed for a really long time. Saints Row brings a ton to the table other than the campaign crusade. The players have the chance to develop their empire in a real sense to eventually assume control over the city of Santo Illeso.

Getting into the game, I had high expectations coming from Saints Row 4. The past title from the franchise was as out there and as over the top as it got. The new title then again got significantly more subtle than the past titles, however it held the nature of humor, engaging combat and a world brimming with potential. The new rambling open world is unquestionably an overhaul from the past titles, and the city of Santo Illeso won't leave you disheartened.


For starters, I audited the game on the PlayStation 5 and the choices I had were, 1080p Ultra Quality, 1080p Max Framerate, 1440p High Quality, 1440p High Framerate and 2160p UHD/4k. From the get go, I attempted to measure the 4k capacities of the title and played on 2160p Quality Mode. Initially, it was functional, however at that point the stuttering and framerate drops just got too upsetting to even consider working with. At last, I changed to 1440p with high framerate until the end of the game, which was the most agreeable and there was near to no sacrifice on the nature of quality. The smoothness that the game got through this mode helped me not get too annoyed with the rendering time of the environment.